Hunting and Fishing

Umngane offers you a variety of options – rifle, crossbow, bow, and horseback hunting.
rifle hunting

Rifle Hunting

Umngane supports the “Walk and Stalk” hunting method, to make sure we get the most out of hunting in the bush. Umngane Safaris offers rifle hunting on some of the most well managed private properties throughout the whole of Southern Africa. These properties are located in game-rich areas which are guaranteed to be paradise for the passionate trophy or sports hunter. Every one of our guests are given the opportunity to hunt dangerous or plains game species in the most phenomenal hunting areas available.


Umngane Safaris conducts our bow hunting safaris all over Southern Africa, to give every individual bow hunter the opportunity to hunt their desired species in the best locations available. Hunting from a pit blind, elevated blind, tree stand or pop up blind. When Umngane’s name is mentioned you will know bow-hunting takes place. We only do bow hunting in areas that will ensure the best hunting opportunities and uninhibited natural movement of game, along trails and constant water drinking routes. Special management and strategic placement of blind and trees stands ensure the best chance for the trophies of a lifetime. Umngane has four pit blinds that are very comfortable and fitted with one-way glass that gives the bow hunter the opportunity to enjoy his surroundings without the need to stand up. Umngane’s blinds are equipped to accommodate both bow and crossbow hunters. An abundance of Southern African game species, will give every bow-hunter more opportunities than ever before. Umngane is truly a bow-hunters paradise.

umngane horseback hunting

Horseback Hunting

Umngane offers horseback hunting for the passionate outdoors horseman and woman. With your scabbard strapped to the horse and the saddle bag filled with water and fresh fruit, your hunt will start. This gives you an opportunity to experience nature from a different perspective – up close and personal.

Wing Shooting

Umngane offers exclusive wing shooting safaris, starting early April until late June. Southern Africa has a wide variety of game birds and offers some of the finest dove shooting.

wing shooting

Tiger Fishing

We fish Lake Jozini, bordering Swaziland and the beautiful Lebombo mountains in the KwaZulu Natal province in Southern Africa. This is one of the very few places home to the striped dog – as they are also known.

We are very passionate about our fishing and enjoy spending time on the water with our clients. You can enjoy fishing with normal tackle or a fly rod for the serious fly fishermen.

Yellow Fishing

We fish the Vaal and Orange river for small and large mouth yellows. The time of year will determine the species you can fish for. We only fish for yellows on fly. Small mouth yellows are normally found in shallow water and feed in the rapids. They can reach up to 11 pounds.

Largemouth yellows are very special and hard work to catch. It is very rewarding to land the “golden bar”. With long casts and small strips, you can land this magnificent fish that can reach up to 22 pounds.

yellow fish