the fold

The Fold

 A registered private hostel founded in 2009

Umngane Safaris is actively involved at the Fold and forms part of the board.

The Fold is a registered private hostel founded in 2009 by Paul and Micky Prince. Based on a concept first tried in Sweden – which was a series of small houses for the children and not a “block”.

Each house accommodates between 6 and 8 children, of different ages, who children are cared for by a house mother.

The idea is to have a healthy family lifestyle, ensuring that the children feel safe and at home. The Fold is a place of love and understanding, with every effort being made to give this lively and happy group of children an opportunity for the future. Currently they are providing education from age 2 and up.

They have motivated teachers who encourage the children to reach their full potential. After the children graduate high school, they will help them find sponsors to attend university or a trade school.

In order for them to save money and be self-sustaining, they have started a vegetable garden that provides fresh and healthy vegetables on a weekly basis.

They also have a chicken coop that provides chickens and eggs.

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